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On Channel 19 in Nashville

Mind Your Own Music Business

Thursday at 7:30 pm

Friday at 6 pm

Saturday at 6 pm

Sunday at 9:30 pm

Songwriters Show (Jesse Goldberg Show)

Tuesday at 1 pm

Wednesday at 9 pm

Friday at 2:30 pm

Saturday at 8:30 pm

Common Law

Tuesday at 8 pm

Thursday at 3 pm

Friday at 7 pm

Saturday at 2 pm


in Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville

Saturday from 6am to 7am


Songwriter Jesse Goldberg is seriously funny
Staff Writer - The Tennessean

Long Island native Jesse Goldberg isn't entirely what you'd expect from a singer-songwriter living in Nashville — for starters, he's a lawyer who's licensed in four states. But like plenty of Nashville songsmiths, Goldberg says most things in his life — including law — have always been secondary to songwriting."You only have one life, and you gotta do what you want," he says, crediting a short stint working as a lawyer in California and writing and performing music on the side for the realization.

Jesse Goldberg started writing songs when he was 15 and moved to Nashville nearly 13 years ago because, he says, "This is where the best songwriters in the world are." But after settling here, Goldberg quickly discovered a new talent in producing and hosting television shows. For the past 11 years, he has been the driving force behind regular series Common Law, Mind Your Own Music Business and The Songwriters Show, which each air several times a week on Channel 19 in Nashville.

Goldberg brings his legal knowledge to bear with Common Law, a program that focuses on providing helpful information to viewers about common legal issues such as domestic violence and malpractice. His love of music feeds into Mind Your Own Music Business and The Songwriters Show, which aim to help educate local musicians about the business via interviews with industry veterans who can say, "This is how I did it." Goldberg refers to his interviewing technique as "professionally unprofessional" — over 11 years of practice he's cultivated a conversational, relaxed tone.

"I got to develop a new skill," Goldberg says of his TV work, "which is being comfortable in front of a camera."
While his growing repertoire has made him something of a Jack-of-all-trades, Goldberg's life is still centered on his music. "The thing I do best is write funny songs," he says — and those funny songs have earned him several awards, including a CableACE Award for "It's Honeymooner Time," which was adapted into a promotional video for the lost episodes of The Honeymooners on Showtime.

Industry professionals would brand his music novelty; it's a blend of parody and sometimes self-repudiating humor set to the rhythms of public domain tunes, reminiscent of Tom Lehrer or "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Some of his biggest hits have made the airwaves on the Dr. Demento radio show, and a slew of his newest work has been popping up in homemade video format on YouTube, thanks to a devoted fan. (Goldberg didn't mind; he actually called the fan and asked him to upload some more.) The music is irreverent and a little coarse, but don't let that fool you. "It's very hard to be funny," Goldberg says, "and you have to be serious about it when you're doing it."